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PP for DeskCNC MM

Postby xray965 » Tue Jul 12, 2016 3:12 am

Hi there

Still teaching myself here and was looking through the files of the PP's that comes with the meshcam, my setup is for metric and not inch and having cross referenced the Std Gcode as a minimum reference point i.e seeing the difference between the std gcode in inch and mm it seems to me that it is not that complex.

So I pulled up the Deskcnc-Inch pp file in text edit and looks pretty much easy to modify to metric.

DESCRIPTION = "DeskCNC-Inch(*.nc)" (This needs to be DeskCNC-mm(*.nc)
UNITS = Inch (This needs to be mm instead of Inch)
FORMAT = [F|#|F|1.1]
FORMAT = [X|#|X|1.4]
FORMAT = [Y|#|Y|1.4]
FORMAT = [Z|#|Z|1.4]
START = "%"
; The following is a dummy tool to keep CutViewer from generating an error when G20 is called without a tool
START = "(TOOL/MILL,0.1,0.05,0.000,0)"
START = "G20" (This needs to be G21 instead of G20)
END = "(END)"

Can someone please verify if I am correct in stating the above, also one more thing I noticed the Deskcnc keeps asking for a M02 end command which is not being entered by the Std Gcode PP or the Above Deskcnc-Inch PP, is I wanted to add the M02 I believe it should be instead of of the END it should read M02 am I correct ?

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Re: PP for DeskCNC MM

Postby Randy » Tue Jul 12, 2016 4:20 pm

You have it exactly right, xray965, and you are 95% of the way there.

When you add the M02 line put it like

END = M02

Anything enclosed in parentheses is a comment and the gcode interpreter will ignore it. CutViewer does use the STOCK and TOOL comments to set up its simulation, but otherwise they are for the operator's convenience, and usually will be shown on the controller screen in a message area.

And your observation is correct that gcode is very straightforward, as are the posts. gcode is actually a programming language, and the post is basically a big FORMAT statement to tell MeshCAM how to write the gcode program.

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Re: PP for DeskCNC MM

Postby xray965 » Wed Jul 13, 2016 12:22 am

Way cool.... having fun with this, just managed to write my first Gcode today and made the mistake of entering 2 co-ordinates on one line resulting in interpolated move and went diagonal as opposed to move right 10mm then up 10mm it went 45 degrees.
Figured yeah system literally is WYSIWYG.

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