Hurco KM5P ultimax 2 dual screen

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Hurco KM5P ultimax 2 dual screen

Postby cfcmach » Thu May 19, 2016 12:04 am

Recently purchased Meshcam and I am looking for a post processor for my Hurco KM5P, Emailed support but did not receive a reply. So thought maybe the forum could provide me with some help here. I did read another post that there was a post in the works and was wondering if any one has info on that?

Regards CFC MACH
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Re: Hurco KM5P ultimax 2 dual screen

Postby Randy » Thu May 19, 2016 3:45 am

Hi CFC MACH, and welcome to the forum. The only Hurco thread so far was viewtopic.php?f=8&t=15235 and that was mostly about MeshCAM not being able to output arcs in the format that Hurco needs. Turning off arc fitting solved that problem at a large increase in gcode file size.

Robert has been occupied with the Nomad 883 and Shapeoko 3 machine design/revision/production for the last about 2 years. MeshCAM is a one-man show, and he's told me of his difficulty in juggling the two hats.

I've taken the post that PerilousCustoms modified and added the line numbers to all the statements

Code: Select all
; MeshCAM config for Hurco
; 2/29/04    Changed comments to be enclosed by () rather than start with ;
;      Added CutViewer config output
; 5/13/04    Added toolchange gcode
; 2/12/05   Changed name and added units
; 3/17/05   Changed stock definition to use CUTVIEWERSTOCK variable
; 5/19/05   Removed feedrate command for rapid moves
; 5/25/05   Added dummy tool for CutViewer
; 6/27/05   Changed the formats to 1.4 to get 4 decimal places of accuracy
; 12/31/13  PERILOUS added LINE_NUM data for Hurco
; 1/13/14   PERILOUS added arcs, spindle speed, format I and J
; 5/18/16   Randy added the line numbers to the statements
DESCRIPTION = "Hurco PCmod(*.hnc)"
UNITS = Inch
FORMAT = [N|@|N|1.0]
FORMAT = [F|#|F|1.1]
FORMAT = [I|#|I|1.4]
FORMAT = [J|#|J|1.4]
FORMAT = [X|#|X|1.4]
FORMAT = [Y|#|Y|1.4]
FORMAT = [Z|#|Z|1.4]
START = "%"
; The following is a dummy tool to keep CutViewer from generating an error when G20 is called without a tool
START = "[N](TOOL/MILL,0.1,0.05,0.000,0)"
START = "[N]G00"
START = "[N]G17"
START = "[N]G70"
START = "[N]G90"
RAPID_RATE_MOVE        = "[N]G0[X][Y][Z]"
FEED_RATE_MOVE         = "[N][X][Y][Z]"
FIRST_CW_ARC_MOVE = "[N]G2[X][Y][I][J][F]"
CW_ARC_MOVE = "[N]G2[X][Y][I][J]"
CCW_ARC_MOVE = "[N]G3[X][Y][I][J]"
END = "E"

If you save it as Hurco.con (or other name of your choice) in the MeshCAM Posts folder it will produce output formatted with line numbers. I left the arcs in but you can't really use them at this point.

All opinions in this post are mine alone. I am not a MeshCAM employee, I do not have a financial interest in MeshCAM, nor do I speak for MeshCAM. MeshCAM user since Beta 5 in 2003. viewtopic.php?f=11&t=15333 :ugeek:
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