FABtotum (marlin aka riprap derivative)

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FABtotum (marlin aka riprap derivative)

Postby Blockfish » Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:05 pm

Excellent documentation on the post processor has let me mod the Simple gcode with arcs and modify it for a lightweight CNC mill FABtotum. This could be used as a starting place to support other marlin (riprap) based mills. The code show below is the same as the attached file.

Code: Select all
; MeshCAM config
; This config is the basis for the minimum
; gcode output. If you're looking for
; the shortest output file then this is the config
; to start with.  Also show how to integrate CutViewer config into
; the output.
; 2/29/04    Changed comments to be enclosed by () rather than start with ;
;          Added CutViewer config output
; 5/13/04    Added toolchange gcode
; 2/12/05   Changed name and added units
; 3/17/05   Changed stock definition to use CUTVIEWERSTOCK variable
; 5/19/05   Removed feedrate command for rapid moves
; 5/25/05   Added dummy tool for CutViewer
; 6/27/05   Changed the formats to 1.4 to get 4 decimal places of accuracy
; 9/28/10   Branched to the "arcs" version
; 6/30/15   Modified for FABtotum (marlin derivative) support
; 7/1/15    Reverted comments back to semicolon ';' as marlin glitches on parenthesis
;           Confirmed Cutviewer integration still working after comment format change
DESCRIPTION = "FABtotum-MM(*.nc)"
FORMAT = [S|@| S|1.0]
FORMAT = [F|#| F|1.1]
FORMAT = [X|#| X|1.4]
FORMAT = [Y|#| Y|1.4]
FORMAT = [Z|#| Z|1.4]
START = "G90"
RAPID_RATE_MOVE        = "G0[X][Y][Z] F1000 S1"
FEED_RATE_MOVE         = "G1[X][Y][Z][F]"
CW_ARC_MOVE = "G2[X][Y][I][J][F]"
CCW_ARC_MOVE = "G3[X][Y][I][J][F]"
END = "G27"
END = ";END"

I'm also posting this at the FABtotum forum and will update there, unless somebody here wants to see my updates as the post processor evolves.

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Re: FABtotum (marlin aka riprap derivative)

Postby Randy » Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:45 pm

Hi Blockfish, and welcome to the forum. Thank you for the post, I'm sure it will be useful.

All opinions in this post are mine alone. I am not a MeshCAM employee, I do not have a financial interest in MeshCAM, nor do I speak for MeshCAM. MeshCAM user since Beta 5 in 2003. viewtopic.php?f=11&t=15333 :ugeek:
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