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CorelDraw and MeshCAM Art

Postby AdPrinter » Wed Oct 19, 2011 4:25 am

I work with Corel Draw for all artwork I create for importing into MeshCAM Art. I have spent many long hours, editing drawings, and opening them into MC to create toolpaths for my wood carvings. I just wanted to share with other MeshCam users, the lessons I have learned (from the School of Hard Knocks!).
Using Corel, which is a vector graphic program, you have some pretty precise control of the size of the graphics created, AND the colors used to create them. Once created, they can be exported as PNG bitmaps for importing into MeshCAM Art. The single-most important point I wanted to make here, is that during the drawing phase in Corel Draw you can create a circle with a diameter which is equal in size to the cutting bit you plan to use for the carving.
You then select the circle, and drag it around the perimeter of the lines in your drawing (using it as a measuring tool, to judge whether the actual carving will turn out the way you imagine). I have found, that using this method produces some amazing results! As I said above, School of Hard Knocks- experience thru trial and error has taught me to pay close attention to the physical size of the drawing in relation to the physical size of the desired cutting bit.
It is also essential to pay attention to the drawing's actual dimensions when exporting as a PNG or other bitmap format. And when opening the file in MeshCAM Art, to enter these exact dimensions to begin editing for the toolpath creation. I recently upgraded Corel Draw to version X4, and found that it has a new Trace feature called Centerline Trace- Technical artwork. It is GREAT for creating text in your choice of Fonts for engraving. (Which is NOT something I do using MeshCAM Art, but rather Mach3's LazyCAM).
I have learned that engravings are best performed in multiple passes. Taking the tool a little deeper with each pass. The results I have been able to achieve, working between Corel Draw, MeshCAM Art, and LazyCAM are amazing! And actually rival the quality of software which costs much more. Perhaps Robert should consider hooking up with Corel to maybe expand the market for MeshCAM Art! Because using both programs, they really make for a powerful software team in creative wood carvings.
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Re: CorelDraw and MeshCAM Art

Postby cnczane » Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:48 pm


Thanks. (Sorry I'm so late...)
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