cutting out a border via art import?

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Re: cutting out a border via art import?

Postby Josh » Fri Nov 30, 2012 3:52 pm

Randy wrote:OK, fair enough. I've never used DXF as an input to MeshCAM (I use DXF's with a 2.5D CAM program I also use extensively) so I can appreciate your tutorial on matching a DXF outline with a PNG image.

But PNG is just a bitmap format. What I'm wondering is why you wouldn't just copy board.png and edit all the interanal content out in, say, IrfanView, make boardoutline.png and define its black depth to be .010" deeper than your stock? Still flush on top, or for safety raise the "top" to be .010" higher than your stock so there isn't any chance of touching an already-machined surface? Without going back to Illustrator? The two images are guaranteed to line up then...


The short answer is anti-aliasing conserns.. I was using solid colors so that I could use the meshCAM art Shaping features.. I didn't want anything but the 6 specific colors I was using in my art.. If I had used photoshop to cut away the middle, I might have had anti-aliasing issues.

That and I tend to (for better or worse) try to stretch a tool using a little bit of each of its features during testing.. Yes it may not be the most effective way to use the tool.. But If I had just read "DFX supported" and then never tested it, I would have never found the issues I did..
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Re: cutting out a border via art import?

Postby Randy » Fri Nov 30, 2012 5:50 pm

Understood on all points, Josh. I realized overnight that you wouldn't need a second copy of your PNG at all--just re-flatten the image and only depress the black outline for your second job.

BTW doesn't saving a PNG with 0 compression avoid the edge dithering? And when I've prepared artwork for Art I've saved as a GIF with minimum color depth, so I could directly edit the color index table if necessary.

My personal bias is to make any multiple inputs as identical/compatible as possible. But thank you for your workflow in combining the bitmap with the vector in the same job! :)

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