Milling a Custom Dust Skirt Plate from Acrylic Sheet

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Milling a Custom Dust Skirt Plate from Acrylic Sheet

Postby Doug » Thu May 18, 2017 6:28 pm

Milling a custom dust skirt plate from 12 mm thick acrylic sheet. The plate will have a 38 mm acrylic tube glued in to attach the vacuum extraction unit to and will have 75 mm brushes attached to each side with M4 machine screws into M4 brass press-in threaded inserts for plastic. NOTE: the video is speeded up 8x. Total cutting time was 18 minutes.


Material: 12 mm thick acrylic/Perspex sheet.
Spindle: industrial quality small HF spindle from StoneyCNC.
XY feed rate: 1,500 mm/min
Z plunge rate: 30 mm/min
Spindle speed: 7,500 rpm.
Cutter: 4 mm diameter 2 flute solid carbide slot drill.
24 passes at 0.5 mm depth per pass.

Video is speeded up 8x.

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