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Red Special Guitar Neck (Upper Side) Cut

PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 6:21 pm
by Doug
Here are some media from a test cut of my Red Special guitar neck. 10x speeded up YouTube video (9 minutes long):

Cutting Parameters

Spindle speed: 20,000 rpm
XY feed rate: 2,000 mm/min
Z plunge rate: 120 mm/min
Depth per pass: 2.0 mm (roughing)
Stepover/stepdown: 1.2 mm (finishing)
Cutter: 5 mm two flute solid carbide slot drills (flat end for roughing, ball nose for finishing)
Material: Khaya (African Mahogany) tonewood neck blank (84.5 x 800 x 40.6 mm)
Spindle: StoneyCNC small industrial quality spindle