Milling a Fretboard Alignment Template from Acrylic

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Milling a Fretboard Alignment Template from Acrylic

Postby Doug » Thu May 18, 2017 6:17 pm

Today I had a go at making a perspex/acrylic template to align a CUT and radiused fretboard to a StewMac style dual scale fret slotting template: ... lates.html

Unfortunately, on the last 0.5 mm pass, I found that the eBay supplier had sent 3 mm acrylic sheet, not 4 mm as I ordered! You will see the larger section come away as the outline is cut. I also didn't put enough tape under it.

On a positive note, the single flute plastic cutter bit performed very well and left a very smooth opaque edge. I will use this for all acrylic cutting in future.

The movie is speeded up x4 to alleviate some boredom or appease the impatient.

Spindle speed: 7,500 rpm
XY feed rate: 1,500 mm/min
Z plunge rate: 30 mm/min
Depth per pass: 0.5 mm
Cutter: 2 mm single flute solid carbide plastic cutting bit
Material: 3 mm clear cast acrylic sheet


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