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2.5D part

Postby lenitech » Sat Jul 19, 2014 9:43 am

I made this little 2.5D fitting last night using meshcam. It's my first "real" part for a customer. I've been trialing meshcam on and off for years (I've watched it grow from version 1) and finally bought a license a few months ago. Now that my Bridgeport BOSS retrofit is complete (10 years after I started) I can actually make parts. This part came out great. I do wish MeshCAM had lead ins for waterline and pencil finishing. I can see tool marks where the cut started. A simple user defined radius would be good enough to make this a great 2.5d cam program. Anyway, my high resolution stl file was machined to within .003" in every dimension. Pretty dang cool. This is an adaptor part for a UAV engine. It was prototyped in black polyethylene and will be made in aluminum later this week.
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