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MeshCAM 7 menus and questions

Postby larynx » Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:55 am

Anybody else -

I really would like to see the old style menu for selecting the "roughing, finishing and parameters" for them. I would like to be able to change in the same menu the bit depth and stepover for each in the same menu. Of course, still wish for comments in the tool menu also.

Clicking, clicking, re-clicking to see that I have selected properly is a pain. MY opinion. I suggest the same in the finish menu for the waterline and parallel as currently exists in the roughing side - see pic if necessary for explanation or hint. If it was all on one screen before "saying OK" it would be really slick - for ME at least. I understand the pencil operation is just that - so not necessary in that part of the menu.

Placing the "automatically" pick operation could be on this menu to - near the bottom "ok" and such - if picked it would simply fill in what it suggests. I do not like having to always see it first - 90% of my jobs require [I'm anal that way] me to double check everything and not let the program just pick and go for me. SO that being the first option I need to drop the menu and select manual, then select each operation.........then double check each one.......then say OK......

Just a though - anyone?
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