MeshCAM V7 Build 21 Windows 7 64bit

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MeshCAM V7 Build 21 Windows 7 64bit

Postby larynx » Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:14 pm

Same issue as Build 18, on processing file.

I should have given more detail so - Windows 7 64bit, all updates, Nvidia 1050ti card latest driver, AMD 4-core should suffice.

Loaded the same file that crashed in Build 18, loaded Thunderbird and Firefox, file ran through to waterline and crashed computer - just shut off - as if I pulled the power cord from the wall.

So turned back on [it had SHUT OFF - not simply crashed the computer] and as a "clean run" only opened MeshCAM, loaded the file and ran.......simply shut off computer during the waterline operation in the progress bar.

Like the margins option in the define stock, still would be nice to put that option in the "toolpath" window rather than here [my opinion] so you do not need to exit the toolpath settings and go back to define stock, to come back to toolpath settings......just in case one forgets....and I do.....would save time and steps.

Still no import machine region. Have not tried the append option, perhaps I should learn to use it better than I have - just is easy, fast, and easy in cad to create and to use import region to machine or avoid as in V6

But very fast and display is great for what does work. Progress is being made. Am not attempting to knock the progress, appears it will be a very fast program once the bugs are worked out and I am now much more interested in using it - once I can. The speed for operations and display is much better. Some work would be appreciated on the "rotation views" to show lines and dips - perhaps a little more granularity in the color used in the display so pockets and such show up as lines when looking directly down from overhead - would be nice - but would accept as is if everything else was fixed - still much better and it crashed. Things are tougher than they first appear I am sure - perhaps taking a little longer than anticipated but there is, has been, apparently a lot of work done and yet to be completed.
I am not aligned with nor do I have any relationship with MeshCAM or its staff other than being a user [that sounds a little like I have a dependency problem]
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