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MeshCAM V7 Build 18 Windows comments

PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:44 am
by larynx
Better but not baked.

Crashes repeatedly on a large file that works in version 6. Did notice that if I reboot and only run MeshCAM "sometimes" the file will run. The file seems to always run if I select the auto-calculate option. But that limits how and what I wish to do, including the ability to choose what operations I wish to run - often leaves out the roughing pass.

Still no support for importing DXF Include / Exclude Regions

Much better, a lot of the menu items that did not work, including tool selections now work. Still no support for tool comments - such as "mill hardwood widget" where widget is a named object that I can preset the tool speed and parameters for and reuse by my note for that "widget" object.

Appears that the pocket and 2d paths are working well. I have selected the "share" info but am unsure about what is being transmitted back - if anything.

Would also still like the ability to simply hide the "on screen" menu steps and use the drop down menu for selecting my operations / desires. I like a "full screen" look to the object.

Video rendering and operations that run do so VERY FAST when compared to version 6.

MeshCAM V7 Build 18 Windows further suggestions

PostPosted: Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:06 pm
by larynx
Would really like to see the 3d toolpath where one selects the tool paths - enabling or disabling them - as ONE input popup. Having to select to enable parallel, go through the tool selection and speed changes as may be necessary, only to have to click, click, to get to the other tool path enable/disable, to have to ......why not ONE popup like version 6 where you can see all the selections, all the parameters, all on one screen and then just confirm and state "ok". Too many moves, selections [clicks] and checks for what could be one input pop up.

Would be nice in that popup to have an "extra area to machine" in the popup for the paths too - I now need to use the "define stock" to add to the outer dimension in order to get a full path around the object[s]. Although that works, it is one more area one must "visit" and change. I think it is great the way the stock definition works as is - much better than V6 - but adding a "extra area to machine around border" in the tool path selection pop up would automatically adjust how much more than the object to machine. I would not have to add up my bit diameter times two and the object width, then go change the "define stock" instead I could just enter in the tool path pop up, I could state in "extra area to machine around border" for EG: a 1/2" bit diameter, simply state 0.600 extra to machine - which would cover all xy axis operations with an extra 0.600 to machine in those axis - of course the "region to machine" overrides any added area.

Still looking for the import machine regions option too.