my first project and problem

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my first project and problem

Postby amclaren » Sat Mar 03, 2018 3:16 pm

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Hi All,
Just learning and really enjoying it so far.
Ive milled out a part from a wax but have a slight issue I thought someone might be able to help with.
The part milled should be round and have an even border (of 1.5mm) around the top half of the model.
The milling has shaved the side border down to .75 and left the top at 1.75mm.
Ive hopefully included a image of the settings and the item.

For info ive drawn the item in rhino and exported it as a stl.
Ive used two tools (as can be seen in the settings) and modified the gcode slightly to allow me to change tools half way through.
The machine is a micromill (kickstarter) but im using the usbcnc-mm setting to export the code. it generates a few errors but it seems to run okay.
i am using GRBL panel to run the machine.

I have knowledge in rhino and 3d printing but none in milling :(
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