Stuck on "Reordering Toolpath"

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Stuck on "Reordering Toolpath"

Postby cmice » Tue Dec 26, 2017 2:40 am

Hey all - using Meshcam 7 Build 5 of Mac OS X (10.13.12) - Mac Book Pro 2.7ghz with 15gb ram. Carbide3d License.

I've loaded a png, converted to geometry, and am attempting to create a toolpath from it. Gets as far as "Reordering Toolpath" where I've left it run for up to a half hour and it never spits out a toolpath. If I switch off waterline, it will generate a path fairly quickly, so it's somewhere in there. I think my settings are pretty reasonable (speeds/feeds for 6061 aluminum), so I'm not sure what is causing it to stall.

How to go about fixing whatever is creating this problem? I've run into this on other geometry as well, but have always been somehow able to "hold my tongue" right and get it to generate. On this particular model, not so much. I was able to get it to go once by exporting as STL, re-importing and generating a toolpath from that. But then a few changes later, back to the "reordering toolpath" roadblock.

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