DXF Regions Not Aligning to STL

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DXF Regions Not Aligning to STL

Postby ebmusicman » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:58 pm

I’m looking for some guidance on how MeshCAM interacts with the imported DXF for regions. This seems as if it could be very powerful, but I’m struggling to get the imported DXFs to behave like I’m anticipating.

1. When I open an STL, and then import a DXF 2D overlay, many times the region/DXF is not aligned with the STL. Sometimes the overlay region is so far off to the side that I have to zoom out to see it. In the original project file, the DXF was generated by tracing the 3D part and shares the same coordinates (not sure if this is relevant). I’m not rotating.

2. In the situation that I need to rotate the STL, what are the best practices around the DXF region so that it aligns?

The object-to-be-cut is one piece of larger CAD project.

Here is a picture of the whole project:
Pedalboard 1.png
Pedalboard 1.png (76.4 KiB) Viewed 1305 times

And here's an example of one of the parts that I'm loading into MeshCAM:
Pedalboard 2.png
Pedalboard 2.png (56.2 KiB) Viewed 1305 times

Is there a list of best practices or the most important things to know when working with DXF regions?

I’m using TurboCAD 20 to generate the STL and DXF files, MeshCAM 5 Build 45, and saving to EMC2-Inch-3Axis NGC for LinuxCNC.
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