Contacted Rob about V7 requests and comments

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Contacted Rob about V7 requests and comments

Postby larynx » Wed Oct 04, 2017 1:46 am

In response to my comments in ""

Note sent, reply confirmed. Rob is trying to do what he can, he was very interested in what we thought. I directed him back to the forums, he stated that the Carbide user base is huge compared to us individual users, that does not mean he is not interested in our thoughts. He is ironing out a few more items through the carbide group and then will be opening up looking for our input. There are still changes being made before it gets to us.

I like BETA 5 so much, even though there is still no import for dxf machine regions [which I have used EXCLUSIVELY on every cut for the last six months], that I have modified some of my CAD files by making duplicates and closing holes/finagled things so I can reload and fake out the non-existent import region selection. Today, I recalculated at least four times in BETA 5 when in V6 I would still be waiting for a result. MY OPINION, MY FILES. Your mileage may vary.

I suggest if you have not tried BETA 5, you do so. I find it to be a leap forward, not just an incremental change, much better menus too. It is - of all things - fast in calculating the toolpaths. I had/have already posted comments for all BETAs in the development section of the board. I have commented on features and requests.

Please do the same. The government tells you "we are all in it together" and folks, I do not believe them. But I still believe we are when it comes to MeshCAM. Randy may have left and I wish him the best, I miss his input, but we need to pick it up. You can sit and do nothing, waste time and space, or start being constructive by commenting, it is your choice. How about taking a break after V7 is released? How about trying it and commenting in the development section - your wishes MIGHT be granted, yes, no guarantees. It appears the latest iteration has me back in anticipating the upgrade rather than thinking I will remain in V6. I hope it gets even better. What about you? Just my opinion and I know.............
I am not aligned with nor do I have any relationship with MeshCAM or its staff other than being a user [that sounds a little like I have a dependency problem]
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