Odd cutting path generated in Meshcam

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Odd cutting path generated in Meshcam

Postby bradortho » Sun Jul 30, 2017 3:51 pm

I'll preface this with I'm a newbie. I'm using a Shapeoko XXL to cut guitar bodies. I was doing a test run on MDF and things were going great. The outside cutouts were smooth and going around the shape of the body, but near the end of the program the path changed to very inefficient cuts to trim around the body. Instead of going around the body in a smooth pass, it would cut about the the 1.5x the width of the bit and then travel to other side of body and do the same thing. At some point in time and I have no idea if this is a Meshcam problem or my CNC "jumped" and got off a bit, jagged lines were cut into my once smooth outline.

1. Is there a way to find inefficient tool paths in Meshcam?
2. Do you think the ragged cutting at the end was more likely a goof in my CNC?
3. When cutting a two sided object, do I create two separate G-codes, one for the top and one for the bottom? On this project, I finished the top and flipped the piece and then hit run again on my CNC ignorantly thinking that the bottom program would commence, but it didn't. It started cutting the top piece again.

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