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Can MeshCAM put Est. Times/Distances into G-code?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:55 pm
by cnczane
You know how you do something so often, you begin to think it's a requirement?

I always save off my G-code files as separate Rough, Finish files with the Stock Size and Estimated Time in the names: like,

(See how adding the 0, 1 prefixes makes the Roughing Pass appear before the Finishing Pass when files are sorted? Clever! with @larynx' sober warning re: same.)

It was only when I started thinking that the "total cutting length" should be in there too--so that I could track the mileage of cutters--that it occurred to me that maybe I shouldn't didn't be having to do extra this work.

I know that "some" information is visible to post-processors (I can't remember right now, but I'm sure feed and speed is),

but I heartily wish

that everything that MeshCAM knows about its model could be accessed from the post-processor.

Re: Can MeshCAM put Est. Times/Distances into G-code?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:30 pm
by larynx
? or :?: or huh......

Not sure I understand, and it seems lately I understand what you say - but sometimes not what I say!

So the gcode file generated does have all that stuff in it. Usually the first two or three lines - at least with stl files so maybe I am worng or wrong as some spell it when it comes to images? I guess I will need to take time off the forum to test rather than just spout. EG: "addrpost-04-125-waterline.ngc" - right from first few lines of code which are also visible on screen in the command processor [CAM program] when loaded [again, LinuxCNC at least]:

. %
. (FILENAME: addrpost-04-125-waterline.ngc)
. (STOCK/BLOCK, 37.092, 3.250, 0.750, -0.000, 1.625, 0.750)
. G64 P0.001
. (TOOL/MILL,0.1250,0,1.0000,0.0)
. (TOOL CHANGE M6 T9000)
. (M3 S5000)
. G0X0.0000Y0.0000Z0.7500
. (Waterline Finish)

I also output everything separate - rough, finish, finish if different bits used, third finish or second rough.... get complicated. But I have settled on "addrpost-01-500-rough.ngc", "addrpost-02-250-rough.ngc","addrpost-03-250-finish.ngc" and so on.

Basic for me "descriptor / order / bit size / pass type"

Obviously there is no, absolutely no right or wrong method or manner to do it, subjective to the person best using the system as to what he/she likes. I could just use post-000.ngc, post-001.ngc, but I need [personally] that little extra comfort when I load a file even though I will see the simulated path to run when it gets loaded on the screen. Like I said, whatever floats the boat is good in my opinion or usage.

So, @cnczane, I ask you - what am I missing and do you not see this or is it like me, just personal preference?

FYI: I gave up on MeshCAM time output long ago as very inconclusive and sometimes a downright lie - and I do not blame Rob, cause it's hard to know everyone's setup and such, especially when you can change the speed limit in CAM setup or [I would NEVER, I would NEVER] lie to MeshCAM and state you have a 400ipm cut rate when you only have a 200ipm cut rate so you can manually override to slow down on certain cuts or bits but not be limited if you can go faster.

Ok, I tried lying, but only twice, well......maybe more...maybe always - but YES, ONLY to the machine. It is an inanimate object, after all.

Re: Can MeshCAM put Est. Times/Distances into G-code?

PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:54 pm
by cnczane

No, neither estimated time-to-cut, nor estimated total-cutting-distance are in the header you so kindly posted.

And Yet, BEFORE you choose to save the generated G-code as a file, you can PREVIEW the estimated cutting time: that is, MeshCAM KNOWS what it is estimating for both time and cutting distance, but YOU have to remember those from the tiny little window if you can read it and repeat it to yourself until you get to an editor to add it into your file.

That's what I meant.

And, I was asking, "What OTHER things does MeshCAM know, at the time I'm saving G-code, that I could ALSO ask it (via the post-processor definition) to put in there?"


Re: Can MeshCAM put Est. Times/Distances into G-code?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:47 am
by larynx
Got it. That is covered in a way I can't in the post processor side of the forum. I wonder why they are separate sections myself, but Randy did various posts better than I could.

Yeah, I know about the window, that's where I look - and the time is a lie, understandably. I just quit looking :)

Re: Can MeshCAM put Est. Times/Distances into G-code?

PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 12:55 am
by cnczane
Yes, the time is a lie BUT

MeshCAM's already doing a lot of computing.

IF, I MeshCAM would permit me to tell it my machine's accelerations in each axis, it COULD compute a more reasonable number.