Include Exclude DXF Surfaces Issue - due to Simple Surface

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Include Exclude DXF Surfaces Issue - due to Simple Surface

Postby larynx » Sun Jun 11, 2017 2:03 am

Ok, new interesting topic - for anyone else that may have this problem.

Loaded an STL, loaded the corresponding Surface DXF - the DXF has about 103 surfaces - some perfectly round [holes] and several slot pockets. I often "drill" or "pocket" with one bit before running the second cut file to shape the final surfaces - allows me to go deep and keep everything solid in place - then cut the surfaces and shapes second.

Anyway, the output would not generate one of the larger pocket slots, but everything else. So I exported the one offender as a separate DXF and tried it as a second load. That worked, but why? Testing various iterations - most failed, only a couple worked. Why? In fact, another output of the same surfaces as a group worked fine, ?

Finally, I kept thinking the surface must be the issue so I recreated it. Same issues.

So lastly I ran a "rebuild" command in Rhino on the surfaces, and everything started to work great. In fact, I tried this on several other files that previously worked.

Here is the silver lining in the cloud. Surfaces, once rebuilt with twice as many or more rebuild UV references caused an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE change in MeshCAM calculation time :shock: Files that previously took an hour or more to run, ran in minutes :D

It appears the more closely / more intense larger file size calculated surfaces used as DXFs decreased time and increased my success. In fact, while I wrote this - I ran two more and they both completed. One of these took an hour before.

I hope if anyone uses this they will comment - interested in your results. Me, I'm a VERY happy camper.
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