DXF file for "Set Machine Region" error: be careful

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DXF file for "Set Machine Region" error: be careful

Postby cnczane » Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:20 pm

I created a "perfect" DXF file to set the "perfect" machine region for a project, only to get a Script Error msg on attempting to load it. (I checked that the file was acceptable to MeshCAM by opening it separately as a 2D DXF object: looked fine.)

My problem proved to be one of "too much perfection."

The DXF specified a rectangle of 11.75Wx17.75H (with radiused corners), but when I loaded the rectangular design object into MeshCAM6 setting X first, it came in as 11.75Wx17.78H (slightly oversized). When I went back and reloaded the file but setting Y=17.75H first, the DXF file was accepted.

Another variable I didn't check, but which seems likely, is to ensure both have the same zero setting.
[EDIT: I did go back and check it: it is not necessary. I'll guess that the "Machine region" coord system is always lower left corner.]

(BTW, I found the easiest way, for me, to create a restricting region was to draw the area in open-source QCAD.)
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