v7: my knee-jerk reaction, followed by a slow dawning...

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v7: my knee-jerk reaction, followed by a slow dawning...

Postby cnczane » Tue Sep 27, 2016 4:22 am

My first reaction upon hearing the rumor that an upcoming version (7) of MeshCAM might introduce performance "levels" was umbrage. My "free upgrade" from v6 to "standard" (not the seemingly more-entitled "Pro") would "limit" me to 24x24 projects!

Oh, the igNOMiny!

Then, well not exactly "then," but "later," dawn started to break.

I think, and please confirm, that I have always had to pay for "upgrades" to new major versions, most recently from 5 to 6 (and that not too terribly distantly past either).

So the innovation is not so much in there being two performance levels as it is in Rob's creating a "standard" level which he proposes to offer "free" to current owners of the v6 upgrade.

"Sorry about that, Chief." My considered response should have been, "Oh! I get it. Thanks for the free, unlimited trial of v7 with standard features enabled." (No good deed goes unpunished.)
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