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MeshCAM 7 v34

Postby larynx » Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:48 pm

Much better, with reservations - for me at least.
- still no import region to machine or avoid
- I personally would prefer more "granular" control over operations than the menu provides VIA:
- understood for some the fast and furious, click, click, click -> machine, without going through tool selection and such cause some use only one tool apparently
- I prefer a step through all options before machining and not the pas by of ones such as origin, manual tool selection, +++
- this could be resolved by a menu item in preferences that states select one of the following:
- just simple interface [as is]
- detailed interface - that steps through all options before clicking "machine"
As the interface is now I find myself clicking all over the place and some of the terminology has changed [?] in the menu [can get a handle on that]

- the "select" origin" in my install only shows two dots on the "block" representing the object at the bottom

- I can't select CAM options menu until I state "OK" to the ones displayed in the tab to the left so the flow is not intuitive

- menus do not display everything and there is not always a "scroll" bar to tell you you need to scroll to get to "ok" - but "tabbing" through the input boxes takes you to the "ok" button

It appears faster on what I tested, I like the display and ability to turn off and back on tool paths [not just discarded after selecting "DONE" as previously and I like the render.
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