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ANother feauture request

Postby larynx » Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:34 pm

How about besides the tool table having "text entries for what we use them for or set up for" we got offered a "text attachment" for jobs - like I create a job, save it as a "mcf" and can attach a text entry like a notes option that travels with the "mcf" file - for notes on the job for setup or other. Like, I load the job and can see notes which may give me info on how I ran the job which may be important such as a CAD file allows me to attach notes.

Just thinking out loud, this appears to be a forum that since Randy left, doesn't get much traction.
I am not aligned with nor do I have any relationship with MeshCAM or its staff other than being a user [that sounds a little like I have a dependency problem]
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