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Postby larynx » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:16 am

MY OPINION Nice improvements and flow over version 4
1) new menus, love the more granular [but stepped] flow approach
2) still, "adjust toolpaths" does not do much - should be renamed cause it leads one to conclude it is not just revolve/include/exclude perhaps "adjust region"
3) do not - still a deal breaker without IMPORT machine regions unless I move entirely to the more complex "check surface" import for everything
4) VERY fast compared to the other versions - all of them, very fast compared to any
5) like the estimated times per operation in the menu display when calculated
6) faster display rendering and rotation, but grainy near edges when simulating - toolpath is smooth but simulate is jagged
[not as important as everything else - not a big deal but hey......]
7) still no "comment" column in the tools menu - I like to name them since there are different stepovers + when metal or wood
- would like to see a comment column or name column so I can "500 end plywood" "500 end wood mahagony" "500 end 4160" "500 end aluminum"

If I think of anything else I will post. All in all I think it is a big step forward.
I am not aligned with nor do I have any relationship with MeshCAM or its staff other than being a user [that sounds a little like I have a dependency problem]
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