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option to have pre/post code entries added to output file

PostPosted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 4:54 am
by aes92000
just purchased MC V6 and LOVE IT!!!

is there now an option somewhere to edit/add g-code entries without external editor?
if not, can that please be an option added to next version?

i like to
*** save "zero" position as a G28.1 at beginning of code so at end of job it returns to that position, without M6 commands, and i know the job is completed by seeing where the spindle is. i leave my machine running for hours and peak out the door to see progress but i have to physical go to machine because i can not tell from from away

*** just before M6, do a G28.1, move to a position for tool change, G28 to return and continue

i read another option of more tool paths: rough, mid rough and finish path. i would like to see that also in program