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MeshCAM 7 Beta 3

Postby larynx » Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:29 pm

Seems to be slow, but runs all cores. Funny, all four cores only runs around 5% sometimes less while a roughing op is being calculated but takes excessive time compared to V6 - almost double.

Does not use excessive memory. Appears the same memory is used as in V6 on the same file.

Append surfaces are back, but alas, no such dxf include/exclude region support as of yet.

Nagging issue, opens in a small windows [could modify the shortcut but why doesn't it run full screen from the start? As such, I need to maximize the screen and then either expand [drag open] the dialog box or SCROLL DOWN in order to find the "ok" button to proceed. Why so many steps?

Fails on a simple but medium size 3d part that consists of 2.5d parts to be cut out of a sheet, various shapes that are duplicated on the sheet and also have "drill holes" for alignment once cut in order to assemble.

The graphics are much better, but needed to turn off the show xyz in preferences else they are SO big that the part is semi obscured - like huge Barber poles on the screen.

The interface is better, but I do not care for the complete menus only if selecting from above and the shortcut [some items hidden] buttons along the top left of screen being limited. So I find I use the drop down menus, rather than the shortcut button panel - I would rather hide the panel and just use the drop-down menus myself. More screen real estate that way anyhow.

Those are initial thoughts, realize a BETA, trying to be constructive, can supply files required.
I am not aligned with nor do I have any relationship with MeshCAM or its staff other than being a user [that sounds a little like I have a dependency problem]
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