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Postby larynx » Sun Sep 04, 2016 5:25 pm

Does not allow me to import include/exclude dxf regions and that is a deal killer for the new version. I do see the check surfaces still there so assuming this is because of BETA status only.

Some confusion on the interface - too many steps to a final product - have to navigate through BOTH the menus and the shortcut buttons to get/apply function easily found and applied in earlier versions. It would REALLY be nice to at least have the menu jump through itself - "3 axis, flip axis [where did 4th and others go?],, next, the final "3D Toolpath" menu for all options with the defaults able to be remembered as last job or set as "default value" to use on future jobs.

Still, tool table is sort of the same - still looking for text entry line for specific settings so can use the same tool but pick based on comments - "used for hardwood" "used for aluminum" ........the comments DO NOT have to display on the tool/machining display - just in the tool table so when you select a tool you can figure out which settings to use based on your notes for differing materials/ability to cut the specific material. So this would mean a modification to the tool table database fields and display window only.

Suggestions, but so far I like V6 better cause it is easier to use and has the sequences [menus] better organized [although not perfect]. I did use the new 2D feature on a dxf to try to see if the split algorithm is better but did not notice too much of a difference - perhaps my 2D was not complicated enough.
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