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g4 hs5000

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 4:09 pm
by sculler
I have just upgraded form mesh cam v5 to v6. created my first code for a model and one line generated was g4 hs5000 which Mach 3 did not recognise. I think it was the h as g4 is dwell. I deleted the line and it was fine. Has anyone else had this problem?

Re: g4 hs5000

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 6:22 pm
by Randy
Hi Steve, and welcome to the forum. What postprocessor are you using? That is what formats the output, so it is likely there is an extraneous character in the line that writes the g4 hs5000.

I don't think MeshCAM uses dwells, but seeing the post would make it clear what the line should be.