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HPGL Plot files

Postby AdPrinter » Sun Mar 22, 2015 6:43 pm

I work with Corel DRAW, for artwork creation. And frequently export the drawings as *.PLT files (Hewlett Packard Graphics Language files). As the DXF file format of Corel DRAW just doesn't preserve the drawing dimensions properly. Mach3's LazyCAM works flawlessly with files which are exported from Corel DRAW in this format. So, it has become my default method for exporting drawings which will ultimately be used to define profile cuts. (After editing in LazyCAM). MeshCAM Art's machine region menu item has an option for importing a DXF file (handy for defining the machining area with precision). It would be GREAT if MeshCAM Art could support PLT files for this function.
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