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Meshcam requests/suggestions

Postby ajw22 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 2:37 am

Currently using "MeshCAM 7 Build 5" on Windows 7 to produce G-Code for the original Shapeoko.

#1. Optimize toolpath work order. Please take a look at the attached "screenshot 1". Almost all jumps are very inefficient. The current code seems to choose the next area to mill based on just the Y distance. Basing the decision on X+Y distance would speed up this particular job by perhaps 10x. The same applies to the finishing pass. I don't think changing this will have any noticeable drawbacks.

#2. Remove superfluous Z movements.
Please take a look at the attached "screenshot 2". At every track/depth change, the Meshcam produces the G-code posted below. The commented code could be replaced by a simple horizontal G1 move, followed by a G1 slow plunge to the new depth. This seems like a minor issue, but for this particular project, it can reduce the work time by about 1/3. If the work piece were eg acrylic with 0.1mm DepthPP, the work time would likely be reduced by 2x ~ 10x.
The horizontal movement distance could be further minimized to a perpendicular move to the new track (this would likely tie in with suggestion#1).

[...Z at -2.8980...]
G0Z1.5000 # a full retract
G0X248.0917Y88.3675 # a short horizontal jump to the adjacent track
G1Z-2.8680F1500.0 # fast plunge to the old depth
G1Z-5.7960F180.0 # slow plunge to the new depth

#3 I think this has been requested multiple times before, but being able to add supports in the middle of the work piece to prevent cut out pieces from flying around would be really useful.

#4 At every start Meshcam defaults to "Geometry Units: Inch" when opening a file. It would be great if it would remember the last used selection.
#5 At every start Meshcam resets to "Retract height: 0.059mm". Again, keeping the last used value would be great. Or at least a more safe/sane height of eg 5mm

Hoping to see the changes in MeshCAM V7 BETA Build 8.
Regards, Albert
screenshot 2
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screenshot 1
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